Meet Stan Julien

Co-Founder Triaster USA and VP Sales


Stan has spent his entire career in sales, marketing, and their related IT and operations. The first ten years of his sales career as a successful enterprise account manager for IBM UK Ltd selling into large public sector accounts, and subsequently selling to the same government accounts for Microsoft UK.

Stan and family then moved from the UK to the US, to Microsoft corporate headquarters in Redmond Washington when Stan took on a role as an industry marketing manager. Subsequently he took a brief role in enterprise sales operations to help design the sales execution processes for Microsoft's first ever incentive based sales compensation system. In his next a position as group product manager in Sales and Marketing IT, Stan was responsible for the Siebel deployment into the sales force, several in-house marketing systems and databases, and the development and deployment of a worldwide customer self-service relationship management website. He left IT to go back to the business-side where he managed the headquarters team responsible for worldwide relationship marketing strategy and processes, and finishing his Microsoft career in sales operations for the midmarket customer segment and for through-partner selling.

It was in these later roles that Stan came to understand and evangelise the vital importance of business process management, even in a sales environment where the culture does not traditionally value process. He commissioned Microsoft's first reusable Triaster Process Libraries for Sales, a BPM platform that has since been replicated in seven other business units in Microsoft.


Business process doesn't make for very glamourous cocktail party conversation, but it is vital to the success of any business with more employees then can fit comfortably in a conference room.

In my experience the best way, sometimes the only way, to make businesses run better is to optimize the core strategic business processes and their data quality. That's why I'm so excited to be joining the Triaster team. It gives me the chance to share my experience and passion with many more customers.

Stan Julien

Fact File

Joined Triaster


Before that

Senior Director of Sales Operations Microsoft Corporation, Redmond

Professionally he is most proud of...

My own 2009 implementation of the Triaster Solution inside Microsoft's Sales and Marketing and Services Group. What an inspired decision that was!


Bridge (the blood sport not the 'game'), drawing and painting (badly but blissfully), mixology, working down the bucket list, and I'll cook you anything so long as it's curry


My Mum's cooking, Paris, movies (most*, but esp. sci-fi), all ice cream except pistachio, Rome, dancing, science & natural history, Istanbul, 'real' dogs


*Romantic movies, oysters, reality TV, toy dogs, road-rage drivers (they make me want to kill them!). Terrified of spiders

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

Stan's starring role in a great video