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A Triaster Process Library is an easy to understand, easy to use, secure website, intelligently presenting all your processes, policies, forms and guidance documents.

See our demo library and some real examples below...

Demo Process Library

New to Process Libraries? Start here with our demo libary.

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Customer Process Libraries

Real examples from our customers

Below is a selection of our customers' Process Libraries, showing what their homepages look like and highlighting their architecture. Process Library architecture is the structuring and presentation of processes in a sensible, attractive and easy-to-use way that the end user can associate with and feel 'at home' navigating. 

 Please browse through these examples, there are many excellent designs and innovative approaches drawn from a wide range of sectors and organisations.


Process Library Design Themes

Six design themes for free

Most of our customers purchase a bespoke home page and architecture for their Process Library. Doing so enables their Business Management System to be designed in accordance with their brand guidelines and have a look at feel that their employees are most familiar and happy with.

However, Triaster do include six process library design themes with all purchases of the Triaster Process Library, which all of our customers are welcome to use at any time. These are as set out below.