P.L.U.G. News - January 2021

The latest news from the Triaster Process Library User Group

User Group Meeting in January 

Matt Burrowes and Giles Green, from Triaster, had the pleasure of organising the second ever virtual PLUG (Process Library User Group) which took place on Thursday 28th January. The event took place over Zoom for an hour and included a general update from Triaster, a presentation from Phil Caulfield, Actuation System (Collins) and a combined Q&A and soapbox session where attendees could discuss common experiences and challenges and share knowledge.

Triaster's Update

The general update from Triaster was provided by Matt and Giles respectively. Keeping things light and the contribution from Triaster as minimal as possible, Matt updated everyone on Triaster’s move from their offices in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, to a new office in central London. The new address and contact details are: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, W1W 7LT. Telephone: +44 (0)207 770 8053.

The Triaster team are still all working remotely and are continuing to find alternatives to a weekly quiz to keep the social calendar active and interesting! Matt was keen to stress that Triaster are fully operational and can be contacted in all the usual ways, so please do get in touch if you need anything.

Matt also spoke about the expanding development team at Triaster with the recent addition of a new apprentice developer. This was a great success point of the last quarter of 2020 for Triaster, when considering the global pandemic and the affect this has had on vast sections of the economy. 

Giles then spoke about Triaster’s online offering which presents the Triaster Process Library as a SaaS product. As more businesses are choosing the Cloud over on-premise installations, this offering has become very popular over the last couple of years and Triaster expect demand for the Cloud offering to grow much bigger in the near future. If you or your IT team are currently looking at Cloud offerings and this would be of interest to you then please get in touch with Triaster to discuss further.

Before Giles handed over to Phil for his presentation, he announced that Triaster now offer finance packages for the Triaster Process Library system - a new offering from the company. There are also still attractive price breaks for multi-year purchases of a system, but if a finance payment option is something that would suit you, please contact for more information.

Presentation by Phil from Actuation System (Collins) 


Phil Caulfield provided a really interesting presentation on the Business Management System (BMS) he has created and implemented at Actuation System (Collins). The BMS began life just over a year ago and incorporates new Language Translation functionality that has enabled the BMS to reach users outside of the UK, being used in countries such as Italy and France at this early stage.

Phil gave great insight into the amount of effort that goes into getting a project like this off the ground, especially since it also has to fit with the requirements of the wider Collins group and the Raytheon group (Corporate). At the end of Phil’s presentation we opened up for a Q&A session which also flowed into a knowledge sharing and discussion session for the attendees.

For a full write up of Phil's presentation please click here

Question and Answer Session 

There were some good feature requests raised during the user group which Matt said he would input into the ATC development roadmap for Triaster Server and Process Navigator and send out the links to these inputs in due course for voting and additional comments. This is the way that the features most important to as many users as possible will be prioritised by the Development Team at Triaster.

Questions were also asked about Triaster’s compatibility with O365 which required some clarification as to exactly what compatibility users required. To confirm, the Triaster system is 100% compatible with O365, the system works in exactly the same way and important elements such as linking to Microsoft documents and working with newer versions of Visio (Visio 2019) are unchanged and unaffected.

Matt also advised that new software developed by Triaster will be SaaS (Software as a Service) based to align with common global aims with software products now and in the future.

Next Process Library User Group Meeting 

Triaster will be arranging the next virtual PLUG shortly and we are always on the look out for eager volunteers to present a piece on their system or a specific subject area for 10-15 minutes. If you would like to contribute to the next Process Library User Group please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Portal, leaving your name and contact details and we will be in touch.