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Ask The Crowd

Improve your products and services with feedback from customers and colleagues

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What is Ask The Crowd?

Ask The Crowd (ATC) is software that enables you to improve your products and services by collecting suggestions, requests, fixes and other feedback and to quickly and easily action them, whilst keeping everyone updated on your progress

How Ask The Crowd Works


Create a Crowd

Invite whomever you'd like to join - customers, colleagues, partners, suppliers etc.

Inclusivity is key to improvement.

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Your Crowd members submit INPUTS to your business through a dedicated submission page

Inputs can be general feedback, feature requests, bugs and faults, complaints, compliments…whatever they want to say!
Honest feedback is key to improvement.

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The INPUT is assigned to a Process Owner

A Process Owner is the one who owns the input and who must deliver it to a successful conclusion.

Accountability is key to improvement.

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The Process Owner assigns the INPUTS to specific LIFECYCLES, which dictate how they will be processed and by whom

Build your own LIFECYCLES or use the ones we have built for you – a LIFECYCLE means the process is completed in the right way, every time.

Consistency is key to improvement.

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Resolve the INPUT and IMPROVE!

By the time the INPUT has reached the end of the LIFECYCLE, the question, fault, complaint or feature request will be resolved and the product or service will be better than it was before.

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