Triaster Product Release and Technical Update

Triaster Suite 14.2


Triaster Suite 14.2 has now been released and contains the following new features:

Triaster Server - version 14.2

Triaster are committed to developing a Process Library which is fully cross-browser compatible as well as being mobile-friendly. The ability to design Library homepages in HTML5, which we are delighted to announce has been released with version 14.2, is a big step forward in this process.

The next step is the development of a new cross-browser map publication format which encompasses a complete re-design of the pan & zoom and properties windows. A proof of concept will be demoed at our conference ('Glimpse of the future' session) and so we look forward to receiving your feedback on this.

Library Homepages

software_1    software_2

Version 14.2 allows the use of a HTML5 homepage in place of a Flash homepage design. This has the following advantages:

  1. HTML5 is more compatible than Flash with later versions of all common browsers and will work on mobile devices.
  2. There is no restriction on the number of homepage levels on the 'Click' system, (limited to three in Flash).
  3. There is a breadcrumb trail on 'Click' homepages, showing users where they are as they navigate through the hierarchy.
  4. 'Hover' homepages designed in HTML5 are easier and more intuitive to use, than those designed in Flash.
  5. Set-up options are more flexible, for example, it is possible to specify which hyperlinks open in a new window and which open in the same window.
  6. Designing in HTML5 gives the ability to configure bespoke hyperlinks on both 'Click' and 'Hover' designs; these can be incorporated into the page according to your design requirements.

Please go to to see an example of the 'Click' design in HTML5.

New customers' homepages will be designed in HTML5 (unless they request not to). Existing customers will be able to upgrade their homepage when they are ready. For existing customers, there are two options:

  1. Update your Library homepage to HTML5 while retaining the existing set-up and design.
  2. Take the opportunity of upgrading to HTML5 to redesign your Library homepage.

Customers who use Internet Explorer need to be aware that IE10 and above is required to get the full benefit of the HTML5 design. IE8/9 can be used but certain functionality (such as animated graphics) will be lost.

Please contact Triaster Customer Services for information on cost and further details. E-mail:, or call: +44 (0)870 402 1234

Mobile Devices

Using a HTML5 homepage will help users on mobile devices as they will be able to fully navigate the desktop version: homepages designed in Flash may not display at all on a mobile device.

Currently navigation to the Desktop view of your Process Library on a Mobile phone is necessary if you wish to use tools, such as Approvals or Admin, which do not currently have a Mobile interface.


A Triaster branded Mobile interface for Home and Search was released with version 14.1. With the release of version 14.2 all Mobile Process Library views can have the desktop Library brand colours and logo applied.

Please go to on a mobile device to see how this applies.

By default the Mobile Process Library view is switched off, but it can be configured by Library Administrators wishing to trial it. For instructions on how to do so please go to:

Triaster are aware that prior to the standard use of Process Libraries via mobile devices, a number of security issues will need to be thought through and policies and protocol put in place. Accordingly release of this functionality is being tightly controlled.

Before implementing the mobile Library we suggest that you think about:

  • Security
  • Who needs to access the Library and how will you restrict this?
  • Does this contradict anything in your IT policy?
  • How does this affect your Process Library Governance? Does your Governance Policy need updating?
  • We strongly suggest that you discuss this with your IT Department as they may have other security concerns that will need to be addressed.


Triaster Server is now fully compatible with Windows Server 2012.

Process Navigator - version 14.2


Work on compatibility with Visio 2013 is currently progressing well. Microsoft have introduced a new format in Visio 2013 (.vsdm) which replaces the format used in Visio 2010 (.vdx), so this will take us some time to implement and test.

Process Navigator is now fully compatible with Windows 8.

Both Process Navigator and Triaster Server 14.2 contain various issue fixes.

How do I upgrade to the latest Software?

Version 14.2 Process Navigator and Triaster Server software is available for download from the Triaster Knowledge Base: Software Download page.

If you need a reminder of your activation code, please also e-mail

For those upgrading from software version 13.1 or later you are able to upgrade your own Triaster Server software (or Process Library). The instructions to do this can be found by clicking here.

We would always recommend that this is initially completed on a test server. We also recommend contacting before scheduling a self-upgrade. This is so that:

  • We can advise if you have any bespoke features or implementation set up, which may need additional steps to the standard upgrade.
  • We can ensure that Triaster Support are on hand should you require assistance.

For those considering upgrading from a software version prior to 13.1, please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234 to discuss the amount of liaison required with the Triaster technical team.

An e-mail advising of the release of Triaster Suite 14.2 has been sent to all customers registered to receive notifications of Product Releases and Technical Updates.

If you are not already registered please do so by completing an enquiry form at:

Register to receive product release notifications


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