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What is the ATC Platform?

The ATC Platform is the way to get everyone to follow your agreed processes - both straightforward processes that need consistent, repeated execution and more complex change management processes.

Process Execution

Ensure everyone always follows your best practice processes.


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Change Management

Capture and prioritise the best possible change roadmaps.


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What the ATC Platform does


Ensure everyone always follows your best practice processes

Whether you have already captured your business processes or have never thought about what you do as a process, the key to best practice working is to agree the best way to do something and then for everyone to do it that way.

With the ATC platform, your agreed best practice processes are set as lifecycles, which everyone has to follow.

  • Consistent, repeatable working across the whole team is ensured
  • Best practice working is always your standard way of working 
  • Staff training is embedded

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Capture and prioritise the best possible change roadmaps

Change roadmaps are essential for any type of change or requirements management, including product development, defect management, specific improvement projects, and continuous improvement. These are all processes like any other, but the start point is always the capture of ideas, suggestions and requests from all interested parties and their effective prioritisation. 

With the ATC platform this is all built-in.

  • An easy and effective way to capture everyone's improvement ideas
  • All stakeholders involved in idea prioritisation
  • Seamless assignment of top priority ideas to the correct implementation process
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Makes communication & transparency the name of the game

It's difficult to overestimate the importance of great communication and keeping everyone informed in business. It's important for process execution - letting everyone know who is responsible for doing what, and when - and it's important for effective change management. Effective communication is essential for effective change.

The ATC platform covers all this off for you. 

  • Who is responsible for what, is crystal clear to everyone
  • Everyone is automatically kept updated every step of the way 
  • All interested parties kept updated and involved with requirements management projects 

Supports remote working

The ATC platform is cloud-based, so users can access it where ever they are working. Provides the perfect support for teams working remotely from each other.

  • Cloud-based, no IT overhead
  • Effective team working, even when remote from each other

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Delivers for individual teams & scales throughout your whole enterprise 

The ATC Platform drives business processes, so everyone gets it right first time.

This works at an individual team level, but also scales to cover your whole organisation.

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