Meet Brad Fagan

Content Marketing Executive


Brad is our new Content Marketing Executive hailing all the way from Middle Earth (the film version, not the book) – New Zealand.

For the last few years he’s been on his own quest, with highlights that include studying in Sweden and living in Germany – but he has now settled at Triaster HQ in Wallingford.

It is Brad’s video skills which have resulted in new weekly Triaster videos and you may have already spotted his individual touch in some of the Connector and blog articles.

And his take on working for Triaster?

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Triaster is a great place to work. No two days are the same and in this job I have found a position where I am able to learn, grow and apply the skills I already have. I am looking forward to taking Triaster marketing to new levels in 2017 and eagerly anticipate the challenges ahead.

To see Brad introduce himself in person, please go to:

Catherine Hart

Fact File

Joined Triaster


Before that

Worked as an Entertainment Writer

Professionally he is most proud of...

Highest readership numbers at previous job


Rugby, writing, travelling, coaching, gym


Movies, music, gym, sport, fitness, the All Blacks, back scratchers, sleep and my wonderful coworkers!


Traffic, bias, people talking over me, mince pies (“the Christmas variety”), country music, and wasting money

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

How much he wanted a back scratcher from Secret Santa