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Carma Evans has been at Triaster for just over twelve years (although known as Carma Cooper for much of that time). We don't think there is a role at Triaster that Carma hasn't done at some point (apart from development!) but she seems particularly suited to her present one: Client Services Director. We asked her to explain what being Triaster's Client Services Director entails and what she likes best about it. This is what she said:

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My role entails working across the entire spectrum of the customer journey. I work primarily in a pre-sales environment, establishing relationships with potential new customers. I know that continuity is very important for the customer and therefore I strive to be the common thread from evaluation through implementation and onto further deployment of the solution throughout the organisation.

Lately I have been quite heavily involved in the definition and delivery of multiple process library architectures to a number of customers. I see our software and services developing in magnificent ways to support our customers' evolving requirements - in particular around sharing processes and data with other operating areas of the business.

I am actively involved in discussions about future development and form part of the feature request group who assess the feasibility and application of features requested by customers. I am also actively seeking potential innovative partnerships with organisations which would enhance the Triaster offering. For example, I have worked closely with OBM IT Consultancy over the past few months to launch the latest IT Services Management Library.

I love my role at Triaster. My job is ever-changing and challenging, and I am always excited to see what is around the corner.
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Carma is an excellent communicator and is committed to helping us learn and improve what we are doing. Carma's collaborative style and genuine interest and concern for people, backed up with her impressive knowledge and experience of the Triaster Solution are valuable attributes. We enjoy partnering with Carma as we progress our business process mapping journey within the Triaster Community. Carma delivers to promise and is a super example of someone providing service excellence.
Mary Derrick, Strategic Support Manager, Spirax Sarco

Carma Evans

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Before that

US Department of Defense

Professionally she is most proud of...

I am very proud of collaborating with the Triaster team to restructure the sales process to ensure we align with our customers' requirements.


Golf, gardening, travelling, entertaining my 4 year old daughter, Illy


Coffee, cats, theme parks and Danish/Swedish crime dramas


Poor service levels, rudeness, Turkish delight

Everyone at Triaster will always remember that...

Before Illy was born, Carma would never walk anywhere if she could possibly drive. (She seems less averse to it now though.)