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ATC for Customer Service

Ensures consistent, transparent, best practice customer service throughout your organisation.


Drives Best Practice Customer Service To Delight Your Customers Every Time

It is difficult to always delight all of your customers, all of the time. To do so, you need to deliver consistent, repeated, great customer service - whatever they need from you. 

The ATC platform enables this by driving best practice customer service processes, from end-to-end. So regardless of which team your customers need help from, be it Accounts, Support, Development, Returns... they will always get consistent, transparent, great customer service. 

  • One system to deliver superb Customer Service, whatever the situation
  • Automatically keeps your customers updated
  • Entirely cloud based, supports remote working

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Best Practice Customer Service Baked-in

Lots of companies know how to deliver great customer service and often they do. But it can depend on training, experience and just how well each individual operative knows what to do.

With the ATC platform what to do is baked into lifecycles setting out the next step for everyone - so best practice just has to be followed, always.

  • Your best practice customer service lifecycles are baked-in
  • Lifecycle editing drives Continuous Improvement
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Full Transparency on the Whole Process

Communication is absolutely key when it comes to customer service. It's not good enough to just deliver what the customer needs, you also need to keep them informed each step of the way.

The ATC platform does just that - both automatically e-mailing updates, and also allowing customers to view progress from within the tool - keeping them informed on both what's being done and who's responsible for doing it.

  • Automatically keeps your customers in the loop 
  • Nothing ever falls between the cracks
  • Ensures your customer is always king

Takes the Responsibility for Great Customer Service

Very often these days companies put the onus on their customers to sort their own services. Customers either have to deal with a Bot, or work out which department is responsible for their question, issue or complaint. Or every time they get in contact they have to start from scratch, regardless of how many times they have already been in touch. 

With the ATC platform who is responsible is always known - and it is never the customer.

  • No need for customers to work out how your business works
  • Automatically keeps your customers updated
  • Delivers the best customer experience as standard 

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  • Custom features
  • Own branding
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* A Process Owner is the person who is Accountable for a process. They decide what the process is, the buck stops with them. One Process Owner may own many processes, in a small company just one person may be the owner of all of its processes.

** A Crowd is the scope of the project that you are working on. You may be working on something that applies to your whole organisation, in which case you will need just one organisation-wide Crowd. Or you may be working on several separate projects, that require one Crowd per project.

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