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Always delight your customers

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What is ATC Customer Service?

ATC Customer Service is a full lifecycle management tool for your Customer Services or Support team, with built-in best practice processes. Intuitive and flexible it is the tool of choice for any Customer Services team wanting to always delight their customers.

What it does

Provides best practice Customer Service out of the box.

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Intuitive Customer Service Management Tool

ATC Customer Service is a full and flexible lifecycle management tool for your customer services team, including customer complaint and issue prioritisation, full lifecycle management and the ability to assign customer complaints, issues and data to the correct person for resolution and/or processing. One system for managing all customer communication and feedback, thereby enabling superb customer services across the board. Follow-up actions will never be missed and your customers will always be updated.


  • One system to deliver superb Customer Service, whatever the situation
  • Automatically keeps your customers updated
  • Entirely cloud based, supports remote working


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Best Practice Customer Service is Baked-in

As standard, out of the box best practice customer service lifecycles support you with the follow-up processes for multiple topics. Ensuring that across the board all customer feedback, complaints, issues or queries are dealt with consistently and according to best practice. Lifecycle editing also enables you to customise the lifecycles to best support your specific business and customer services processes.


  • Best practice customer service lifecycles built-in
  • Lifecycle editing for customisation
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One Customer Contact Point 

One central communication point for all customer contact, replacing multiple e-mail addresses, contact forms and feedback requests - a simple comment box that can be completed in seconds, anonymously if wanted. You can still have many contact points, but they all feed into one system 


  • Easy and intuitive for your customers to use
  • Takes the onus for resolving their queries off your customers, asking for help becomes a stress free experience 
  • Customer Service management at its best

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Full Transparency on the Whole Process

Total customer visibility on how their question, query or feedback is being dealt with and by whom, even when it has been passed from Customer Services to another department for resolution. As well as being kept in the loop by automated e-mail updates, customers can also view progress from within the tool, and are able to comment on and vote on all posts set as visible by the moderator.


  • Automatically keeps your customers in the loop 
  • Nothing ever falls between the cracks
  • Ensures your customer is always king

Pricing - ATC Customer Service

Always delight your customers

For customer service teams & full company adoption
£50 /month per Customer Service Owner
  • Unlimited Users
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For large corporates who require their own branded tool, with lifecycle creation, custom features and a private/single tenanted database - this is the solution for you.
  • Unlimited Owners
  • Unlimited Users
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