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Ensure everyone always follows your best practice processes

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ATC drives your business processes so everyone gets them right first time


Build your best practice processes as lifecycles

Set your agreed best practice processes as lifecycles in the ATC platform to:

  • Ensure everyone follows the correct process
  • Build in staff training
  • Integrate quality into your whole business approach


ATC for Quality Management


Assign your lifecycles to topics

Each topic can be a business area such as HR or Sales or an end-to-end process, such as Purchasing. Either way, assigning your lifecycles to topics ensures: 

  • Consistent, transparent best practice working throughout your organisation
  • Re-use of best practice processes 
  • The ability to start using the ATC platform with one department and then implement in others

Organise inputs by topic

Every process starts with an input. This can be an external input, from a customer or supplier for example, or it can be an internal input from another department or process. Whatever the input it can be assigned to the correct topic to:

  • Route all inputs to the correct place, no matter how they are received (e-mail, phone, twitter...)
  • Ensure all inputs are all ways actioned according to the best practice agree way of working
  • Give transparency on where anything is in the process
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Assign inputs to the responsible person 

With the ATC platform each input is assigned to a named individual. This ensures that:

  • It is always clear who is responsible for doing the next step
  • Both to the person responsible and anyone else who wants to know
ATC for Customer Service

Everyone has to follow the best practice process

The next step is clear, as is who is responsible for doing it. The ATC platform implements your processes so that:

  • Everyone gets them right first time
  • Consistent, repeatable working across the whole team is ensured
  • Best practice working is always your standard way of working
  • Quality is integrated into your whole business approach


ATC for Quality Management  ATC for Customer Service

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