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ATC Quality Manager

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Make business improvement your business as usual

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What is ATC Quality Manager?

ATC Quality Manager is a full lifecycle business improvement tool with built-in customer communication channels, which seamlessly integrates with your business management system. Flexible and intuitive to use, it is an essential tool for Quality Managers looking to make business improvement their business as usual.

What it does

Builds improvement directly into your business management system.

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Business Management System Feedback Tool 

Seamless integrating with the Triaster Process Library and all other web-based Business Management Systems, ATC Quality Manager gives your BMS users an intuitive and easy way to feedback, either on their actual processes or the way that they are documented. They just click on the Feedback link and the webpage/process map they are on is automatically captured. Users purely need to add their feedback and click Submit.


  • Easy and intuitive BMS feedback mechanism 
  • Automated pass-through of relevant process map & webpage details
  • Entirely cloud based, supports remote working
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Full Lifecycle Business Improvement Management Tool 

A full lifecycle management tool for business improvement, including feedback and idea prioritisation, business improvement lifecycle management and the ability to share your business improvement roadmap with your staff, customers and users. This enables them to both see what you are doing in response to their feedback and improvement suggestions and to also vote and comment on others’ suggestions and ideas - helping you to best prioritise them.


  • Wish list management at its best
  • Comment & voting on wish list items enables effective prioritisation
  • Full transparency re your business improvement roadmap
  • Best practice business improvement lifecycles built-in
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All Feedback Automatically Feeds-in to your Business Improvement Roadmap

Because all ATC modules are built on top of one database, all feedback, both when sent from within your BMS but also when not, is captured in one database. This means all potential improvement ideas are at your fingertips for easy assessment and assignment to your Business Improvement roadmap.


  • Everyone's improvement ideas are captured
  • Your business improvement roadmap is automatically generated   
  • Drives continuous improvement
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Best Practice Improvement Lifecycles Baked-in

As standard, out of the box best practice business improvement lifecycles support you to turn feedback and suggestions into implemented improvement. Lifecycle editing also enable you to customise the lifecycles to best support your specific business improvement processes.


  • Best practice business improvement lifecycles in built
  • Lifecycle editing for customisation

Pricing - ATC Quality Manager

Make business improvement your business as usual

For Quality Managers & anyone responsible for Business Improvement
£120 /month per Quality Manager Owner
  • Unlimited Users
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For large corporates who require their own branded communications & feedback tool, with lifecycle creation, custom features and a private/single tenanted database - this is the solution for you.
  • Unlimited Owners
  • Unlimited Users
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