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ATC for Software Development

Puts your customers’ needs at the core of your Agile Software Development process.

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The Tool to Execute Your Agile Development Processes

All teams which develop software according to the Agile approach, know how important it is that their management tools support their Agile development process.

The ATC platform is perfect for this; providing a full lifecycle management tool to drive the Scrum methodology and any end-to-end Agile software development process.

  • One intuitive system to support full Agile development lifecycle 
  • Feature and issue prioritisation
  • Entirely cloud based, supports remote working

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Customer Feature Requests and Issues Automatically Feed-in

Because the ATC platform is built on top of one database, all issues, feature requests and development suggestions sent to Customer Services, Support or indeed anyone in your company, are automatically fed into the development process. Feature and issue prioritisation takes into account direct customer feedback and data relevant to your development team is never lost.

  • Connects customers' issues, feedback & suggestions directly with your development team
  • One joined-up communication system 
  • No development idea is ever lost
  • You product roadmap is generated automatically
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Product Roadmap Transparency Enabling Customer Comments and Voting

Once an issue or feature request is passed to the development team the original customer is often kept completely in the dark about what is being done in response. Because the ATC platform is built on top of one database, customers retain total visibility of what is being done to resolve their issue or develop their feature request or suggestion. In fact, customers and any other users can comment on the full product roadmap and vote on all issues awaiting resolution and features requested, ensuring that you can easily prioritise according to customer need.

  • Customers automatically updated 
  • Full transparency of your product roadmap
  • Comment & voting on issues and feature requests enables effective prioritisation
  • Ensures you develop the software that your customers really want

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ATC Platform Pricing

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$0 per month
For the first Process Owner* per Crowd**
  • All standard ATC platform features
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited data
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ATC Standard
$115 per month
For each additional Process Owner* per Crowd**
  • All standard ATC platform features
  • Unlimited users
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ATC Enterprise
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A bespoke framework covering all/any of the following as required:
  • All standard ATC platform features
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited Crowds
  • Unlimited Process Owners
  • Custom features
  • Own branding
  • Private/single tenanted database
  • Internal hosting
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* A Process Owner is the person who is Accountable for a process. They decide what the process is, the buck stops with them. One Process Owner may own many processes, in a small company just one person may be the owner of all of its processes.

** A Crowd is the scope of the project that you are working on. You may be working on something that applies to your whole organisation, in which case you will need just one organisation-wide Crowd. Or you may be working on several separate projects, that require one Crowd per project.

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