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A simple and intuitive way to ask users to give feedback and vote on feature requests - to improve your products and services

The Benefits of Ask The Crowd

“Ask the Crowd by Triaster is a fantastic resource for companies who care about clear customer feedback.”

Georgia Affonso, co-founder, No-Door Theatre

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"As an emerging theatre company, it is essential for us to collect audience feedback so we can develop our productions. Ask The Crowd enabled us to collect, in just one place, all of our audience feedback for our recent production Runway and the voting and comments feature also gave us definite answers about specific elements of the production and allowed us see what was most important to our audience.

Ask The Crowd means our audiences can contribute feedback about our shows and add their own suggestions for future performances, this gives us confidence in our decisions going forward.

The process of setting up Ask The Crowd was straight-forward with the assistance of the ‘how to’ videos on the website. Being able to personalize the Topic Lifecycles helps us to stay on top of feedback and communicate to our Crowd how we are responding to their comments. We also found the e-mail alerts to new feedback very useful."

Video Introduction

How does it work?

Ask customers to suggest features to improve your products and services

The users of your products and services will be brimming with ideas on how they should best be developed. Ask The Crowd gives them an easy and fun way to tell you about them.

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Ask for votes and comments on the feedback given

There is no such thing as a bad idea, but some ideas are more generally useful than others. Ask The Crowd will prioritise the feedback given, based on the votes that they get. Comments will also help flesh-out some of the feedback.

Prioritisation, communication and management of feedback is fully baked-in

Capturing useful improvement ideas and feature requests is only half the battle. To make them happen, they need to be prioritised, taken through a development lifecycle and released. This all takes co-ordination, management and communication, which is hard via e-mails and spreadsheets, but just so easy in Ask The Crowd.

step 3

Georgia Affonso, co-founder, No-Door Theatre

Problems we solve


Managing feature requests in a way that's clear to all

A very easy way to manage and communicate about feature requests. Not only does no feature request ever get lost, but what's being done in response to each feature requested, is crystal clear to both your team and your users.

Product roadmap transparency and clarity for all


Capturing customer feedback to build better products

A simple and intuitive way to ask users to give feedback and vote on feature requests to improve your product. Ask The Crowd gives you a list of your customers' top feature requests, which have already been commented and voted on by users.

Capture and prioritisation of feature requests has never been easier


Managing your Agile development team

Ask The Crowd enables you to better manage your Agile Development Team. Daily stand-ups are supported by filtering your development lifecycle to give you – and more importantly your team - just the information that you need.

Managing your Agile development team just got easier


Software defect capture and management

Ask The Crowd makes software defect capture, managing the resolution and testing process and communicating progress to all your customers so simple. Just set up your Defect Resolution lifecycle in Ask the Crowd and it will do the rest.

Software defect capture, management and communication all solved in one place


Capturing customer feedback to build better services

Ask The Crowd is not just for product development. It is for service development too. A simple and intuitive way to ask your customers to give feedback and vote on improvement suggestions for your service offerings.

Capture of improvement ideas for your services has never been easier


Making documentation update requirements clear to all

Following every software product change, updates to documentation are required. This is also often the case following improvements to services and projects. Sometimes it is hard for those doing the documentation, especially those in marketing to get information on what’s changed. It’s all there in Ask The Crowd.

Internal communications issues are a thing of the past


Involving your whole team in the improvement process

It is not only your customers who will have great ideas about how your products and services should be developed, your team will too and perhaps also users from a wider community. You choose – they are your Crowd. The more users that you ask for feedback, the more brilliant and useful comments and suggestions that you will get.

An easy and fun way to capture all your users' great ideas

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