Triaster Reports

Paul Elson-Vining takes a look at three Triaster reports


This month I am focusing on the following reports:

  • Missing Mandatory Properties
  • Orphan
  • Mismatch Deliverables (Priority)

Missing Mandatory Properties

The Missing Mandatory Properties report shows a number of elements (shapes and properties) that are missing from a process. By default the report shows any process map that is missing the following:

  • Feedback e-mail shape
  • Last revised date
  • Author or owner

Where these are all present, the process map won't be included in the report.

Library Administrators should check that this report is empty before publication to the Live Library, as any entries will indicate incomplete maps (as above).



This report shows all deliverables that:

  • either haven't got a parent allocated to them
  • or where the override orphan function has been used

Orphans are created when either additional information is added to a lower level process (input or output) but not included on the parent map, or where a connection has been broken between an Activity and a Deliverable on the parent map.

If your maps drill down a lot of levels (more than four) you may find it impractical to include all of these deliverables at the top level. However, in a best practice Library you would never see an orphan!

Again something to check before publishing to Live.


Mismatch Deliverables (Priority)

I have been asked on a number of occasions why Triaster supply different types of Deliverables and why.

There are now four types of Deliverable in two family groups and they are intended to be used as follows:

  • Deliverables (sometimes called internal deliverables)
  • Handover Deliverables - pass to another function for continuation
  • External Deliverables - pass outside the organisation AND we have no further interest in them (e.g. we are not interested in what suppliers do with a payment)
  • Terminating Deliverables - stay in the organisation, but we have no further interest in them (e.g. documents archived)

The Holy Grail for a Process Library is for all maps to be interlinked with other functions so the journey of a product or service can be traced from its start to its ultimate end point. This is where the Priority Mismatch Deliverables report can help.

This report shows all Deliverables (including Handover Deliverables) that are produced but not used in a process (and vice versa). External and Terminating Deliverables are ignored. Some Deliverables may be included because of a poor naming convention or incorrect spelling, whilst others will identify where a gap in a process exists or the right information is not being passed from one place to the next.

The report only includes Deliverables which are at the same level in the hierarchy - i.e. which we would expect to be joined together by an off page connector (OPC).


Remember the mantra: garbage in garbage out!

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