T.U.G. News - January 2013

Linda Spinks presents the latest news from the User Group

We tell you

Education Group

The next Education User Group meeting is being hosted by the University of Bedfordshire, and is now going to take place at their Bedford site on 20th February 2013.

User Group

The next meeting is being hosted by Openfield at their Grantham offices on 21st March 2013. This will include the AGM at which the constitution will be reviewed and User Group officers elected. The constitution requires that there must be at least ten members present to constitute a quorum and agree changes. Constitution changes and User Group officers must be proposed in advance, so please send any suggestions to Note that some suggested changes have already been put forward and are being considered.

Focus Day Feedback

Over the past year there has been poor customer utilisation of Triaster's training sessions, so customers attending the Focus Day on 5th December 2012 were asked for their thoughts on why this has been the case. They were also asked to feedback any ideas for improvements or changes to ensure that customers are able to benefit from these sessions in future (which are included at no extra charge under most of the Triaster Agreements). This was their response:

Public Training - standard two day course covering Process Navigator and basic Library Admin.

  • On most occasions customers only want to send colleagues along to the first day, as Library Administration is better covered on a customer specific basis and is only usually needed by a core team. It was therefore suggested that the training be split into two individual one day courses, so that delegates can choose which is most suitable for their requirements, but still have the option of attending the whole course.
  • It would be easier to decide who needs to attend the sessions; if Triaster could provide some preselection criteria that customers could use to base their recommendation to colleagues on.
  • It was suggested that as numbers for this Public training course have been quite low, it could take place every two months, with a single day training course covering the basics of setting up the new Alerts and Approvals functionality being run every other month.


Technical Workshops - requested by the User Group to aid understanding of the solution and server side components by administrators and IT staff.

  • Customers felt that there could be more clarity on what the sessions cover and who they are suitable for.
  • IT delegates are often short on time, so getting out of the office for a whole day isn't always possible. It was suggested that Triaster could hold some short technical sessions through webinars instead.
  • Another suggestion was for Triaster to build in some recommendations of attending such workshops into each customer contract.
  • Attendance by IT often depends on the specific customer set up - e.g. a generic IT helpdesk or a dedicated IT contact. If there is a helpdesk set up they are unlikely to find someone to attend.

Process Discovery Workshops - requested by the User Group to aid internal training within customers' organisations.

  • It seems that this workshop was not widely known about.
  • The definition of what this workshop was intended for was not clear.

Triaster have taken this feedback on board and are now reviewing each of the workshops - so watch this space!