T.U.G. News - March 2012

Linda Spinks presents the latest news from the User Group

We tell you

Once again it's great to see that the next User Group meeting (hosted by Balfour Beatty on April 26th) is already fully booked. Please do remember to book on to these events as soon as you can, as they are very popular. There are often regular attendees for this meeting, but we always make room to include new and different customers each time, as this is essential to provide new ideas and discussion points within the group.

We are always open to offers of host locations for these meetings, as we like the meeting to take place at varied customer locations around the UK. Catering costs are covered by the Triaster User Group budget. Please let us know if you are interested in hosting a meeting.

Also, a reminder that there are still a few places available for anyone who wishes to attend the next Education Group meeting, which is taking place on 30th March at the University of Kent.

You tell us

Last year Triaster introduced Technical Workshops following specific requests from the User Group to provide a forum for communicating the more technical side of the solution to IT/Technical contacts. These workshops are free to many customers under their Triaster Agreement and only £450 to those not eligible. So far Triaster have only been able to run 2 workshops due to the lack of numbers booking onto them.

Therefore, Triaster are keen to understand whether there is no longer a requirement for these sessions, whether they should be less frequent or whether there is something else they should know!

Please do send your comments and feedback on this.

We would also love to hear your thoughts on the use of Linked-In for the User Group Forum. It's been over a year now since we decided to use this option, because of difficulties with the old Google site. So far it seems that there are a number of regular contributors, but not as many people joining discussions as we would like. Is this because everyone is simply too busy, or are there other factors involved? Please let us know.