T.U.G. News - May 2013

Linda Spinks presents the latest news from the User Group

We tell you

User Group

The last User Group meeting was hosted by Openfield at their Grantham offices on 21st March 2013. As usual the minutes of this meeting are available for all customers to read via the secure User Group page (a reminder of the details for accessing this have been posted to the LinkedIn forum).

In summary:

The Customer Soap Box discussions included:

  • Both Julie Mack (3663) and Tom Hamilton (SQA) talked about how they would like changes to their Stencil and Templates.
  • Linda Spinks (University of Cambridge) talked about how the University needs to react to external changes such as UK Border Agency requirements and how their systems could change to cope with PhD students who are now sponsored for an additional year while job hunting. Suggestions were to identify stakeholders and management system impact and review development process using charters for each process.
  • Nick Watts (Marlin) suggested a process mapping system course might be useful with a view to creating qualified knowledgeable staff - a pool of temps who understand process mapping to provide support.
  • Penny Hemstock (Openfield) asked if anyone uses their library for inductions, as Openfield consider new employees to be fresh eyes on the library, potentially identifying gaps. Other companies deliver on-line training through their libraries as part of an induction checklist.

The Host presentation

Penny Hemstock talked through the Openfield Process Library and Jim Hotchin gave an informative overview of their business, which is a mutual society owned by farmers and the second largest seed producer in the UK.


This meeting included the AGM at which the constitution was reviewed and User Group officers re-elected as there were no other applications for the posts. The Constitution was updated.

The Triaster update:

Along with a general update from Victoria Glancy and Jo Dolton, Andrew Ridgeley provided an update to the group on the following developments:
  • Feedback was given about progress with compatibility with mobile devices, e.g. tablets and phones. Although at an early stage, Triaster are working on a prototype system that customers can try.
  • A web-based tool for managing configuration settings is currently under development.
  • The flash menu will be put into a more intuitive interface which will be easier to edit.
  • There will be further SharePoint integration.
  • Approvals and Alerts: The shared folder for Live and Prelive maps can cause confusion. There will be direct mapping in future.
  • Triaster is working with Microsoft to achieve compatibility between Process Navigator and Visio 2013.
  • The process of map management, i.e. moving them from Sandpit to Prelive, will be better automated.
  • BPEL and BPML will become a priority.


There was a discussion regarding the management of multiple libraries linking to a single corporate library. The scenario discussed was one where various separate libraries (some needing logins, others not) are required for accreditation purposes, but an overall corporate library for core processes is also required. Triaster advised that each customer requirement is different. Each will require a bespoke setup.

The next User Group meeting will be hosted by 3663 at their Manchester site on 9th October 2013.

You tell us

Education Group Feedback

So far the feedback on the queries posed by the Education User Group, have suggested that Education customers would prefer there to be a single meeting each year. Once all feedback has been collected, further discussion will be had within the group and a plan will be announced.