T.UG. News - November 2012

Linda Spinks presents the latest news from the User Group

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Education Group

The Education group meeting was hosted by Claire Lorrain at University of Winchester on 6th September 2012 and as usual everyone gained a lot of value from sharing their experiences. It was good to see some new faces. Claire Lorrain gave a presentation of the Winchester process library, and outlined the involvement of students as a means to achieving a central buy-in, which had been expressed as a problem for many customers. The University of Bedfordshire has kindly offered to host the next meeting which has now been scheduled for 20th February at their Luton site.

User Group

The main User Group meeting was hosted by Fugro GEOS at their Wallingford offices on 18th October 2012. The minutes of this meeting will be available for all customers to read via the secure User Group page shortly. However in summary:

The Soap Box discussions included:

  • The issue of compliance: discussion revealed that several customers had enforced this to some degree by providing information through the maps and removing it from more traditional locations.
  • There was some discussion about whether processes should be mapped 'as is'. The general feeling was that it was better to map something than nothing; Steve Ward said that within the Triaster environment feedback was the most powerful single tool.

Host's presentation:

Q Tucker from Fugro GEOS provided an overview of their business and the various challenges they face within the Quality, Health and Safety areas.

The Triaster update:

This included a demonstration of Version 12.1 features:

  • Combined Quick Search
  • End-to-End process diagram
  • WebLog Expert

It was noted that the next Focus Day (5th December) will be covering discussions regarding using Triaster on mobile devices and integration with SharePoint, which have been hot topics within the User Group meetings of late. Anyone interested in these areas of functionality development should attend the Focus Day if possible.

The next meeting is being hosted by Openfield at their Grantham offices on 21st March 2013. This will include the AGM at which the constitution will be reviewed and User Group officers elected. The constitution requires that there must be at least ten members present to constitute a quorum and agree changes. Constitution changes and User Group officers must be proposed in advance, so please send any suggestions to Note that some suggested changes have already been put forward and are being considered.

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