T.U.G. News - November 2013

Linda Spinks presents the latest news from the User Group

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User Group meeting - 9th October 2013

Host presentation: Julie Mack, 3663

Julie Mack provided an insight into what 3663 do as wholesalers and how they have been bringing the company and technology used, in line with the way retail has worked for some time. With this there has been a cultural and technological change which presented its own challenges. These were met head-on by explaining that consistency is not constraint, it is management.

Julie explained how the Triaster Process Library has become the single place for everyone to go to in order to find relevant information. People are using the Library and analysis to date has shown it is utilised at nights and weekends which indicates that people who would not previously had access to this information are now using it.

Workshop on Microsoft SharePoint

Many customers use SharePoint to different extents. After everyone discussed how they use their document management systems, whether SharePoint or not, Andrew Ridgeley asked the group if there would be interest in storing process maps in SharePoint. The consensus was that the main requirement right now is the ability to search SharePoint via the Process Library, which since v13.2 is already configurable.


Q Tucker showed an example form that he has created using Adobe LiveCycle. This is a very useful tool which enables you to create PDF forms with fields for completion by users, without the need to create Word documents first and save both. Data can be exported from the forms too.

Triaster update

Victoria Glancy

  • Ran through v13.4 features and urged anyone interested in a better understanding to come along to one of the Update events or attend an Update webinar.
  • She also updated everyone on upcoming events that may be of interest.

Andrew Ridgeley

  • Talked about v13.5 which is due out prior to Christmas, as well as giving a further update on Mobile/browser compatibility. Anyone interested in beta testing this should attend the next Focus day on 4th December.

Jo Dolton

  • Advised that the customer survey sent out this summer by Microsoft provided some great feedback, as well as a high level of satisfaction.
  • Server upgrades are going well and over 50% of customers are now able to upgrade themselves.
  • The update on the possible Conference for autumn 2014 was that there seems to be good customer support. Further news will follow.
  • Connector - remember to send in anything that you would like to share with the community.

Workshop session on Triaster Product Roadmap

This session enabled a review and discussion of the current Triaster product roadmap. Various features were discussed. The main outcome was that many confirmed that the Breadcrumb trail feature is something that their library users are asking for all the time. Therefore, by developing this Triaster will help to ensure take up of the system by the end users. The main point seems to be that users want to be able to find their way back from where they came from, rather than needing to see where they are within the library/map structure (hierarchy).

Andrew agreed that as this seems to be the highest requirement now, alongside the development of the mobile interface/browser compatibility, the Focus day on 4th December will include a workshop to refine the requirements for this. Any customers interested in this feature should try to attend the workshop or at least send in any specific requirements around their expectation of it, to be fed in on the day.

For reference, the full minutes from this meeting, along with presentation slides and the current Product Roadmap can all be found via the User Group Secure page at: Please e-mail if you need a reminder of the username and password to access this area. The next User Group meeting will be hosted by University of Cambridge in their new building in Cambridge on 19th March 2014.

Education Group

Martin Fey at the University of Bristol has kindly agreed to host the next Education Special Interest Group meeting on 29th January 2014.

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