T.U.G. News - October 2016

Linda Spinks presents the latest news from the User Group

We Tell You

What a fantastic day we had at BAE Systems - Submarines on 5th October. For those of you who couldn’t attend, you missed a real treat. Although they have hosted a User Group meeting in the past, which a few of us were lucky enough to attend (8 years ago!), the tour of Devonshire Dock Hall, where we got various views (high and low) of submarines in different phases of manufacture, was truly amazing.

Unfortunately cameras are banned so we are not able to share what we saw, apart from the surrounding area of the Lake District which many of us got to enjoy from the train. We thank Adele, Garry and team for providing such a great day, even though the site was preparing for a VIP at the time. As well as seeing such impressive engineering at work, we also had some good discussions during the day.

Customer Soapbox

The customer soapbox brought up some great points:

Subject User Group Comments
Applying and using ISO clauses to properties
  • Additional Quick Search tabs can be added to reflect the appropriate standards
  • Visible indicators can be added to process maps showing that there is a relevant clause
  • Not all attendees have used this functionality
  • There are standard reports which can be used to list all relevant activities
16.3 version
  • A perceived issue with 16.3 was raised. It was felt to be indexing and bringing up old properties in word versions.
Following the meeting this was investigated by Triaster and in fact this behaviour is now apparent because of a fix implemented in version 16.3. Document search of Office documents had been on filename, when it should have been searching on title. Version 16.4 will contain the ability to configure the way you want Search to work with Office documents.
Creation of Triaster E-learning user guides
  • These will be particularly useful regarding functionality that is not used frequently i.e. Data Manager
  • User input to the guides was suggested and it was requested that both ‘captivate’ videos and text based documents with screenshots be created
It has subsequently been agreed that Paul will run a series of 30 minute webinars; each will look at a specific feature, in order to establish the most useful information to capture for learning. Please e-mail if you would like to join us.
Using the Library with other browsers
  • A beta edition of the Process Library for use via Google Chrome is available for testing
  • The new format is still going through some further development, but customers could set up a site and switch it on to start having a look at the alternative view. (Be aware that there is no Pan and Zoom window, or arrow when searching words in the page.)
N - dash
  • This option can be de-selected in Microsoft Visio, thus avoiding problems caused by using this symbol in process maps

The Triaster update 

Jo covered the recent Triaster re-organisation:

  • Better utilisation of resources and tracking of work performed
  • Less technical tasks – automated builds, installation improvements
  • Support - “Happy Fox”, direct link with development
  • Partner programme - expansion of services, value add to Triaster core delivery
  • What’s to come:
    • New faces
    • New service options - more remote and hourly options
    • Online training courses and assessments
    • More Partner involvement

Joel provided an update on some key areas regarding the software:

  • Concentration on improving quality
  • Next Feature voting - 2017
  • Cross browser functionality
  • New Stencil functionality
  • Process Metrics (PSR and PCR)

The workshops were combined into one session and the main discussion was around the end user experience of the Triaster Library, as follows:

Workshop - Customer Experience / Usability

Various approaches were discussed including:

  • Use of E-learning to familiarise users with the functionality - it’s a pathway to information
  • Annual user survey
  • Process Library designed with the user in mind - think about your audience and their needs
  • Regular company-wide announcements to keep it in the spotlight
  • Analysis of weblog reports to understand the most frequently used areas
  • Assigning super-users to support locally
  • Use of the RACI analysis to promote wider functionality which can be used for a number of activities e.g. job descriptions, appraisals, development coaching, new starter coaching
  • Consider the purpose of the content in your library

Triaster User Group USA

I'm also pleased to announce that the inaugural US User Group meeting is taking place on the 3rd November 2016.

Steve Moore at Microsoft in Redmond (Seattle), has kindly offered to host and chair this meeting at his offices. For geographical reasons, many customers are likely to join this meeting virtually - thankfully Steve says this shouldn’t be an issue, as Microsoft do use such technology!

If you are based in the US or Canada, or have colleagues using the Triaster platform there, I strongly encourage you to attend the Triaster US User Group meetings in order to share ideas and hear what other customers are doing to achieve their objectives.

I'm sure that as our US Partner network gets up and running and brings more new customers on-board with the Triaster platform, this group is going to expand and become a great place to share ideas throughout the user community on both sides of the Atlantic.

Next Main UK User Group meeting

The next User Group meeting is most likely to be hosted by Equifax at their London offices. The date is still to be agreed but will be in late March/early April 2017.

If you would like to host a meeting, or have any questions about the User Group please drop us an e-mail to

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