Equifax – Quality driving improvement at the HUB of their business

Would you like to find out how Equifax are using quality to drive improvement at the HUB of their business?

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This four page case study focuses on the implementation and launch of Equifax’s quality and business process management system and explains how their BPM system is now helping to support and sustain their ongoing quality, improvement and regulatory requirements.

How will this benefit me?

This case study is an essential read if you are considering implementing a quality and process improvement initiative in your organisation and are facing the following challenges:

  • ‘We need to put quality and improvement at the heart of our business’
  • ‘We need to establish and maintain best practice’
  • ‘We need one version of the truth’
  • ‘We need a mechanism to support and sustain regulatory requirements’

a laptop displaying equifaxs process library homepage with concentric circles in red

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